I lost the key
“Leon, can you give me your English composition?” I asked. “It’s in my locker,” Leon answered. “Can you get it please?” “I lost the key,” he replied...
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You can be buried here
Bye bye Jeannie
My first day of school was in January of 1980. Why did they need a teacher so urgently in January?
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So if you can’t keep them quiet, then keep them singing!
Let My People Go!
Sometimes we had class outside with students sitting on the bleachers to sing songs. A good spiritual (Afro American) usually did the job:
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Everybody evacuate!
The M-19
Not long after I started at the Hebreo in 1980, Israeli Ambassador Jaime Aron and his wife asked me to teach private English classes to their kids Cathy and Ariel...
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Danny Voll
Gringo radicado en Colombia hace 45 años; prefiere ajiaco. Profesor de ingles, maestro bíblico; enamorado de Israel y el pueblo judío influido por su iglesia en New York. Viajó por primera vez a Israel con 33 adolescentes durante 4 meses y sobrevivió. Viaja a Israel cada año.
Some Faces to Remember
Do you know who is who?
  • Danny Voll

    Danny Voll

    English Teacher

  • Dr. Jose Vicente Avella

    Dr. Jose Vicente Avella

    The Rector

  • Leon Camhi

    Leon Camhi


  • Rav Yehoshua

    Rav Yehoshua

    a Friend

  • Rb. Alfredo Goldschmidt

    Rb. Alfredo Goldschmidt

    Chief Rabbi

  • Denise Camhi

    Denise Camhi


  • Silvia Lerner

    Silvia Lerner


  • Juanita Hernandez

    Juanita Hernandez


  • Mari Carmen

    Mari Carmen