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The Adventures of an English teacher in the Colegio Colombo Hebreo of Bogota!
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Jacky Saada

Talking about Jacky Saada, the first class that travelled to Israel for four months was the Class of ´86, with Jaime Cuperman, Sammy Akerman, Jack Goldstein, Marcos Schwartzman…  you know the group, the one where some of the boys (I’m not saying who), put some Borax into the lunches of the girls to see what might happen!  Of course, they were all called into the Rector’s office for a serious talk and some discipline. Did anybody get suspended? 

It was this group that was sent off to Guivat Washington girls´ school in Israel for a four-month visit-study-travel plan in Israel.  After a short time, their madrij from Guivat Washington gave up, threw in the towel, resigned. It’s not that the students were unruly, it’s just that…. I think you understand.  It was the school’s administrator Jacky Saada who came to rescue and took over.  The Bogota community was impressed so they decided to hire Jacky and his wife Naava to come to Bogota as shlejim to work with the school and the community.  A great decision.  A great success! 

Since Jacky had to learn Spanish as he worked at the school, sometimes he had difficulty expressing himself or making himself understood.  The solution was simple: he simply spoke louder, sometimes started to shout!  So of course the people understood if he would shout.  While Naava taught the advanced level of Hebrew in an ulpan, (Martha Kling was there), Jacky worked on a majestic presentation for Yom Haatzmaut.  It was quite a spectacle, and everyone was in awe.  Especially when Sammy Akerman and Michel Savdie started crawling across one of the beams near the ceiling of the gymnasium and then started climbing down to the gym floor on ropes.  It was good they hadn’t told their mothers about that stunt beforehand. 

Pictures anyone?