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The Adventures of an English teacher in the Colegio Colombo Hebreo of Bogota!
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The Importance of a Hebrew School

Many years ago I was at a celebration of Hanukah at the Colombo Hebreo during the evening, a celebration for parents and students.  That night, listening to the story of Hanukah, I understand the reason and importance of a Jewish school and a Jewish education.

The lesson of Hanukah is one of assimilation verses remaining Jewish.  The Greek culture had not only captured the fascination of most of the Jews, but it then proceeded to outlaw their religious practices, and far worse.   Nowadays, both Christians and Jews live in a world of fascinating cultures that can draw us away from our faith in God.

A Hebrew school is not perfect, a Jewish education is not fool proof, but it is a powerful tool to prevent a Jewish community from assimilating. 

Conclusion No 2.

The Importance of a Jewish School for Jewish Children

I am not against Jewish kids going to CNG or any other school for that matter. The Colegio Nueva Granada is a marvelous school and I am glad I have been able to participate in its academic and spiritual activities. It has been an opportunity to teach others about the nature of both Christianity and Jewishness, including the meaning of Jewish holidays. 

However, since I taught in the Colombo Hebreo for many years, I was able to learn things right up front, that I would not have learned if I had been a teacher only in the Nueva Granada.

One topic that probably would not be taught in a non-Jewish school is the nature and importance of Israel. That would only be taught in a synagogue, or a Jewish home, or on a trip to Israel, or in a Jewish school, or in Hasbara.

As a non-Jewish Christian Zionist, I have been invited to attend AIPAC in Washington DC to participate in the support and lobbying on Capital Hill that Israel needs for its defense and US government support.

Thus, I am excited and more than willing to speak in any school, Christian or secular, to the kids about the history and spiritual significance of Israel, no matter what one's political point of view may be. Even in a Jewish school! The normal thing is for a Jewish person to give Hasbara. But I think support from outside, from someone who is not Jewish, is just as important! As Gabriel ben Tasgal, and other Hasbara instructors have told us: "We are all ambassadors of Israel!"

So, just in case, here is my Jewish Curriculum Vitaej for your perusal:

Danny Voll

*Born in Detroit, Michigan, Feb. 11, 1952. (Raised in Minnesota and North Dakota).

*English teacher and Director of English program at Colegio Colombo Hebreo, Bogota, Full time: January 1980 to June 1992, Part time: 2000 to 2003.

*Directed English program at GAN Lubavitch, Bogota, 1991 to 1995.

*Taught Ethics in Middle School, Colegio Nueva Granada, Bogota,  1992 to 1997.

*Have travelled to Israel 19 times.  Traveling every year since 2007 during Kipur and Sukot to participate in the Jerusalem March with the ICEJ, International Christian Embassy Jerusalem.

*Conduct weekly hourly radio program “El Noticiero de Daniel” in Spanish to Christian      community in Bogota about Israel news, prophecy, Jewish feasts, since 2005. www.amigosporisrael.org

*Gave presentation “Amigos Cristianos de Israel” en el JOINT en Quito, Ecuador, 2012.

*Gave presentation “ Sionismo Cristiano” en Limmud Bogota, 2016.

*Teach Hasbara about Israel to the Evangelical Christian community, Bogota.

*Have attended AIPAC in Washington, D.C. 2017, 2018, 2019.

*On the board of Keren Kayemet LeIsrael Colombia.

*On the board of EBENEZER, Operacion Exodo, Colombia, which aids aliyah to Israel.

* I am able to speak to small groups, congregations, schools about:

1. Why Israel is important.

2. Why evangelical Christians love and support and visit Israel.

3. Why Jewish students should love and support and visit Israel.