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The Adventures of an English teacher in the Colegio Colombo Hebreo of Bogota!
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I am grateful and wish to thank the entire community and the Colegio Colombo Hebreo, the members of the various boards, the Rabbis, for everything you taught me, for sending me to Israel!  I learned many things that the Christian world should know, but does not.  Therefore I would like to honor the Colegio Colombo Hebreo by suggesting that anybody who is in the giving mood, give a donation to the school.

However you decide to spend and give to your favorite charity, the Colegio Colombo Hebreo in Bogota is an excellent choice! Or if you are now in los Miyami, then make a donation to the school of your choice. You might also make a donation to AIPAC, or to another pro-Israel organization.

Or, as our good friend Jessica Grossman wrote some 35 years ago:

“The Daniel Vall Foundation.”

In this special time of the year, thousands of children do not have a present for Christmas or even they don’t have nothing to eat for Christmas.  With a little help from each citizen of our city, 250 boys and girls will be happy and will remember Christmas as it is:  a very special occasion for everyone.  Contact to:

Daniel Voll: 

Send your contribution to:  “The Daniel Voll Foundation”

                                        1015 Raspberry Road

                                        Peppermint, Strawberry Shortcake


That is also an option. You may make a donation to help Colombian families in need, single mothers, single fathers, grandparents raising their grandchildren, or other foundations already helping children in Colombia, by sending your donation to:

Thank you! and God bless.